Disposable Electronic Ureterorenoscope Catheter

Range: Mainly used for ureterorenoscopy, intracavitary laser lithotripsy, tissue biopsy, etc., ready for immediate use


ØOur patented product features the global first temperature monitoring and warning system, effectively preventing thermal damage to the ureterorenal system, commonly referred to as "boiled ureter" or "boiled loin," during procedures such as ureterorenoscopy and laser lithotripsy. (A circle enlarges the kidney, and smoke is emitted upon laser activation.)

ØThe smallest outer diameter for insertion is Fr7.5, suitable for pediatric examination and treatment.

ØThe whole series of adult and children's lenses are designed with unequal length for the first time at home and abroad, making the operation for doctors more comfortable and effectively reducing surgical fatigue.

ØThe highest resolution is 400*400, with the LED light source providing a maximum observation range of up to 100mm, meeting the requirements for wide-ranging renal pelvis examination and treatment.

ØMetal snake bone effectively prevents the occurrence of adverse events such as bone fracture.

ØThe bending angle of ±275° vertically allows for a comprehensive observation of the entire renal pelvis without blind spots. (As shown in the product image with a virtual angle indicator)

ØThe handle is ergonomically designed to remove the "white balance" button to prevent accidental touching by doctors during procedures, and an additional "image freeze" button is added for capturing photos anytime and anywhere.