Disposable Multi-channel Single Hole Puncture Device

First, product performance

1. Multi-channel platform

Double-layer linkage airtight structure to ensure the establishment of good pneumoperitoneum conditions; Allow 5-12mm equipment in and out, giving the surgeon the greatest choice

2. Inner sleeve ring

Moderate elasticity, good backbuckle effect, light lifting ring quickly pull out the inner ring.

Second, product advantages

The sealing ring in the operating channel is sampled with double-layer silicone material, which has good flexibility, high equipment entry and exit smoothness, and excellent air tightness achieved by dynamic and static combination.

Multi-channel single-hole design, can be minimally invasive intervention through the human body's natural cavity, reduce surgical wounds and pain:

The operating platform is made of soft material. Increase the freedom of instrument activity; The base of the operating platform is in flexible and close contact with the protective cover of the incision to ensure good air tightness.