Disposable Central Vein Kit


Central vein product features
1, iodv cotton stick medical selection is povidone iodine, effective iodine concentration reached 5%-10%, stronger bactericidal power, low toxicity, and almost no irritation and corrosion, the use of safer.
2. Self-adhesive transparent dressing has two options, type A and type B. Self-adhesive transparent dressing type A adopts 3M original pressure-sensitive adhesive coating process, without gelatinization and leaving no residual glue when removing. The transparent film has good continuous viscosity, which prevents external infections, including fluids, bacteria, viruses and fungi, and protects the piercing site; Self-adhesive transparent dressing B is specially designed for moisture permeability 8 times higher than ordinary thin film dressing. It is a new generation of transparent dressing specially designed for the safety, drying and tight fixation of central venous catheter and peripheral venous catheter.
3. The body surface catheter fixation device can more firmly fix the central venous catheter, avoid the local catheter infection caused by the catheter entering and leaving the body freely, and reduce the incidence of complications such as fluid leakage, limb swelling and pain.