Body Surface Catheter Fixation Device


Surface catheter product features:
1. Reduce complications of intubation therapy
2. Reduce the workload of medical care and improve the efficiency of clinical nursing
3, easy to use, firm paste
4, safe and reliable, diverse styles
5, reliable and firm, prevent the occurrence of retrograde infection
6, unique design, fixed firmly
7, reduce suture and repeated intubation, reduce patient injury
8, each product is equipped with a special catheter label, in line with clinical care requirements


The biggest feature of the body surface catheter fixation device of Yunzhong Medical brand is that it is specialized in fixing central venous catheter, drainage tube, oral intubation, tracheal intubation, fixed PICC tube, hemodialysis tube, and fixed common catheter, nasogastral tube, and left needle tube, etc., which is currently a professional product for safely fixing patients' whole body catheters in China.